Our Mission
Making stream processing the norm, instead of the exception
Our Mission
Making stream processing the norm instead of the exception

Our Journey

“Datorios traces its roots to the military, where our founders, elite real-time data pipeline developers, pioneered cutting-edge tools. Their insights supported global operational decision-making, saving lives. Onboarding hundreds annually, they streamlined processes for agile real-time pipeline development. Beyond the military, we recognized the widespread demand for our technology. Despite abundant streaming data, companies default to batch processing. Technologies like Apache Flink prove challenging, lacking integration with standard tools. Datorios emerged to democratize real-time data processing, aiming to empower engineering teams. Our vision is clear: to revolutionize real-time data processing, starting with engineering teams. Datorios’ development console for Apache Flink equips data engineering with tools to make stream processing the norm, unlocking companies’ real-time potential.”

Ronen Korman, CEO & Co-Founder

Founding Team

Ronen Korman

CEO & Co-Founder
Ex-Head of Technology – Israeli Security Agency

asaf pizzer cro

Asaf (Pizzer) Cohen

CRO & Co-Founder
Ex-Deputy Commander & Head of the Intelligence Division – Unit 8200

Avi Hadad

VP R&D & Co-Founder

Idan Shchori

COO & Co-Founder

Tech Lead

Alex Balfur

VP Product

Yair Biton

R&D Team Lead

Roei Harduf

Software Engineering

Advisory Board

Colten Pilgreen

Tech Advisor & Flink Expert

Andy Ellicott

Marketing Advisor (Ex-Immerock)

Scott Curtis

Sales Advisor (Ex-Cloudera)

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