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The end of ETL as you know it

Unmatched data

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Moving up the stack with
modern data pipelines as code

Datorios is a powerful data transformation framework that snaps to your existing dev environment, so you can focus
on design and results, while saving lost time on debugging, maintenance and the race for scale

Extract & Load ≠ Value

Extract and Load alone are not enough, data Transformation is the key to unlocking your data value, especially considering the significant cost and time it requires

Low-risk, high reward

Coexist with your current pipeline dev workflows and extend your toolkit
without the price tag of a big integration project.

Smoother data engineering experience

Reduce risks & costs associated with changes

Increase operational efficiency

Data governance- and data science-ready

20x faster

Get the data trinity

Invest in your future to scale for tomorrow

IOT/streaming data, auto-scaling & ML in production

Cost optimization

Data warehouse cost optimization utilizing data pre-processing, saving over cost, keeping your warehouse fresh and business-aligned.
Dynamic optimization and painless auto-scaling to allow more data transformation on existing resources

Data governance and privacy

Create meaningful, validated data sources from your raw data for the use of all data functions, while keeping your single source-of-truth both secure and accessible

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Over 250 connectors

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