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The power of flexibility

One place for any data type, streaming or batch processing, using a code, no-code design, or both, for any business requirement.

Ease data project complexities

Make the hardships of traditional and reverse ETL easier and cheaper to overcome with one platform to handle more pipelines and higher data flows.

Reign over your data

Leave the struggles of implementation and maintenance to automation, increasing data process efficiency and operational continuity for all use cases.

One platform to rule any ETL

Even the simplest ETL needs infrastructure to be deployed.

Meet the one platform that scales with your needs

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What you see is what you get

Achieve data quality with full observability of all layers and monitoring of everything from events to pipelines & infrastructure.

Control stack costs

Maintain a budgetary framework and shrink cloud costs using the ETL platform created to decrease time to market with better usage of your current resources.

Your data, your rules

Integrate with a data platform that is 100% private inheriting your own security and privacy protocols.

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