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We’re on a mission to shorten the data-to-value cycle

We’re on a mission to shorten the data-to-value cycle

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Faster data-to-value

We started our journey after 2 decades of service in the Israeli Elite Intelligence Forces, where years of experience collecting data and connecting information was our focus.

At a certain point, having held more senior positions, we understood that getting data was not the problem anymore. Rather, the true challenge was processing the data fast enough to generate value from it in real-time. After completing our service we realized that the corporate world faces the same challenge – data is valuable only if you have the ability to process it in a quality and timely manner.

Datorios brings a versatile end-to-end ETL solution that will help businesses put their data to work in a quick and cost-effective way

The Datorios team

We bring our experience with real world data, critical mission usage of data and the understanding of data engineers to build an unmatched framework that helps data engineers overcome their everyday challenges, kick start productivity, and create an environment for true collaboration between the different data stakeholders.

ronen korman ceo

Ronen Korman

CEO & Co-Founder
Ex-Commander Unit 81

asaf pizzer cro

Asaf (Pizzer) Cohen

CRO & Co-Founder
Ex-Deputy Commander Unit 8200

idan schori coo

Idan Schori

COO & Co-Founder

avi hadad vp r&d

Avi Hadad

VP R&D & Co-Founder

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