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 Build an End-to-End Orchestrated Supply Chain

Gain a real-time view of your supply chain to improve traceability and visibility on goods, people, assets, and events from warehouse operations to distribution and shipping. Increase inventory accuracy and forecasting to reduce risks with an effective order fulfillment process.


Simplify Global Data Exchanges

Move data globally with local data sovereignty to build an efficient supply chain harnessing data in motion. Enable a scalable, holistic view of KPIs to gain manufacturing resiliency and predictability with the real-time sensory data needed for increased plant productivity and improved product quality.


Boost Product Quality and Manufacturing Processes

Break down silos across devices, order fulfillment, SCM, and ERP systems by integrating data in real time. Increase production yields while reducing costs by minimizing waste, improving end-product quality, and preventing malfunctions.


Enhance Innovation with Streaming Data

Build a digital representation of your physical process by easily integrating sensors, real-time applications, and batch systems. Leverage the versatility of Apache Kafka™ for replication, reprocessing, re-consuming, inventory management, and reduce downtime.

Datorios provides the means to normalize, enrich and unify data sets across a global network of sources, all within one easy dashboard, enabling integrative evaluations and accurate, timely business insights.


Companies with globally deployed business entities, and companies that aggregate data from different sources are facing a similar set of challenges. Each individual unit, whether an entity or data source, is required to send normalized, actionable data, guaranteeing accurate insights regarding businesses, their products, and their associated operations. To ensure all organizational regulations, in every department, entity, and country are met, these data flows need to be reliably delivered on a timely basis. 


With every entity operating independently, and utilizing different data infrastructures with different data formats, a data consolidation solution is required to create a system that would adjust data into a unified format in order to query it at company headquarters.

The Solution That Saved Resources

The use of Datorios made it possible to carry out the process of adjusting the data within the individual entities themselves. The solution provided a simple, cost-effective data consolidation solution that would enrich flows with additional data according to the company’s choice. This along with the ability to create a unified dashboard and center of truth at the company’s headquarters, on which any query can be made, is the scalable solution companies with globally deployed business entities need. With total control over all needed data and transparency throughout the entire data process, the globally deployed companies can guarantee accurate, fast data consolidation and save on resource-intensive investments.

Consolidating data just became simple

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