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12.09 | 18:00 |  13 Yehuda and Moses St, Tel Aviv

2022 Approach to Data Pipelines that Last

Take data to new heights with state-of-the-art technologies that snap into your existing data flows. Learn to create the simple and complex transformations you’ve only dreamed of with expert advice that is bound to make handling and automating your data pipelines that much easier.

Presented by the data gurus themselves, meet us for beer and snacks for an incredible sunset and even better company.

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Meet the team at Datorios and other speakers who join us as they share their stories of the trials and tribulations throughout their data journeys. This is your chance to learn from Asaf Cohen, who helped pioneer AI integration in IDF’s operations, and his unorthodox solutions to current data pipeline issues.

It is time to learn from the experience of others as we tackle data challenges together for avant-garde results.

Ronen Korman

CEO, Datorios

Asaf Cohen

CRO, Datorios

Avi Hadad

VP R&D, Datorios

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