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Datorios 0.77

DIS Group By + Time Window: Efficiently group data based on specific attributes and keys, while also applying a time window to segment data based on time intervals. This gives you greater control and flexibility over your data transformations.

Azure Blob Storage Connectors: Native support for Azure Blob Storage connectors, both as a source and a sink. This integration enables seamless connection and interaction with your Azure Blob Storage instances, expanding your data storage and retrieval options.

REST API Transformer Timeout + Exception Probe: Tailor-made timeout settings and exception probe functionalities for REST API requests enhance the reliability and responsiveness of REST API requests, ensuring smoother data transformations even in challenging conditions.

DIS & User Activities in the Activity Log: Comprehensive view of operations performed within Datorios, including DIS – Datorios Internal Storage,and user activities. This log can be invaluable for auditing, troubleshooting, and tracking system activity, offering you more control and transparency.

Improved Query Builder for SQL-Based Connectors: A more intuitive and user-friendly Query Builder for composing and executing complex SQL queries, including SQL syntax,, harnessing the full power of your SQL databases.

XML and Binary Files Support (S3/Blob/File/Interactive Source Connectors): Seamlessly integrate, process, and manipulate XML and binary files in S3, Blob, File, and Interactive source connectors, and more. This opens up new possibilities for your data integration tasks and makes it easier to handle a wider variety of data formats.

Numerous Bug Fixes: Various bugs and issues reported by the community have been addressed for a more stable and reliable platform.

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