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A Data Platform for Any ETL Challenge

Deploy, Monitor, and Scale All in One Place

Increase data process efficiencies of any data type

and any scale operations to balance risk and evolve on the go.

Code/ No-Code Design

Improve time-to-market with automatic implementation for quick, easy design of transformations and ETL pipelines.

Agnostic to Data Type

Orchestrate and bridge events from limitless synced and unsynced sources with data at rest, in motion, or both whether streaming data or for massive batch processing.

ETL Data Transformation Essentials

Use ready-made building blocks for flow control, data enrichment, and schema building, with the ability to develop and employ user-defined transformations.

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Complete Data Observability

Monitor and aggregate data events by bringing data probe for data lineage down to the key-value level for observability over your design, quality, and operational continuity.

Resource Efficiency and Auto-Scaling

Have more flows and reduce compute costs with ETL platform pipelines that utilize compute resources only when required.

One Unified Self-Serve Platform

Keep track of monitoring, logs, alerts, access control, and real-time allocation of resources, all in one user-friendly place.


Use the most current and common ways to exchange data from data sources and destinations

Made by Engineers With the Features Your Engineers Want


For data accuracy and consistency, events are processed once and only once


We charge based on ETL pipeline destinations NOT your bandwidth or compute time


Our platform completely inherits your own security and privacy protocols

Implement traditional data management and data mesh domains all in one infrastructure

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