The Perfect Data Orchestration Environment to Run Your Code

Increase efficiency with complete code flexibility to design, implement and monitor data pipelines using the power of Apache Kafka™ and Kubernetes™

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Boost development with tools to build data pipelines in a code environment that glues the most advanced ETL/ELT technologies.


Utilize pre-installed, API-based, or self-made connectors with Kafka open-source projects


Enjoy custom code flexibility and ETL software tools topped with templates and ready-made toolkits


With a pipelines-first environment, put data in motion with Apache Kafka, and autoscale your streaming data pipeline seamlessly with Kubernetes


Get a 360° view to observe your data as it evolves for easy designing and debugging

Your Code, Empowered By Great Technology

Built with Apache Kafka™ used by more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications.


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Features Data Teams Adore

Code-First Environment

Built for Stream or Batch Processing


Data Quality Tools

Secured Environment

Local or Cloud Deployed

Tools You Want, All Within Your Cloud

Complete freedom wrapped in fully-developed solutions, with advanced ETL automation tools for the utmost control – no devops required.

Cloud-deployed, Independently Managed

Enjoy limitless possibilities with the platform made for any environment of any size, all in the most secure setting.

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