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Office Meet-Up
08.02 | 18:00 |
13 Yehuda and Noah Moses st, Tel Aviv

Challenges of the
Modern Data Stack

Today’s idea of a modern data stack is changing up traditional methods. Join the debate with other industry leaders as we discuss the challenges around modern data architectures and derive solutions to overcome them.


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  • What really is a Modern Data Stack?
  • Challenges Modern Data Architectures Present
  • Overcoming Data Quality Hurdles
  • Cost Reduction Strategies  
  • Data Responsibility Challenges
  • Real-Time Data Problems and Solutions
  • Data Swamp Prevention

Hosted By:

ronen korman ceo

Ronen Korman

CEO & Co-Founder
Ex-Commander Unit 81

Asaf Cohen

CRO & Co-Founder
Ex-Deputy Commander Unit 8200

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