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Automate association events using data sources and values with Datorios’s pre-built correlation transformers


Correlate different event values to indexed data by upgrading your existing data sets to include more variables and a clearer picture.


Set predefined conditions to fully, partially, or mandatorily correlate data from synced and un-synced data sources.


Apply logical conditions of values to specific references to gate instances passing through the correlator.

Code capsules

Create enriched events using predefined values, triggered by a script or code, to leverage autoscaling and monitoring. With seamlessly embedded calculations, algorithms & ML models, code capsules integrate into any pipeline to support all workloads and provide better observability.


Dynamically route distributed events, while logging and recording pipeline errors, using a multi-filter that uses a predefined condition to match and feed pipelines or sub-pipelines.


Easily transform fields to match any schema, or standard prior to loading it, creating regulation for specific values while offering the ability to build or omit conditional values according to predefined conditions of event or meta-data.


Assemble, store or purge events based on set rules such as a defined period of time, reaching storage limits or achieving wanted correlation while indexing specific keys for more efficiency.

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