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Simplifying IoT Data Management: Overcoming Technical Barriers and Billing Explosions

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The Internet of Things (IoT), sensor events, and other transactional data sources have brought about a surge in the number of devices and the resulting data. However, managing this influx of data efficiently has become a significant challenge for businesses. Many existing solutions face technical barriers leading to billing explosions, making it difficult for businesses to handle the growing volume of IoT data while keeping costs under control. Fortunately, innovative platforms like Datorios have emerged to provide faster, scalable, and cost-effective development solutions, enabling businesses to manage the data influx effectively. Let’s dive into the technical challenges businesses are facing and solutions to overcome these technological hurdles. 

Technical Barriers to Sensor  Data Management

The rapid growth of IoT devices has presented businesses with various technical challenges when it comes to managing the associated data. A couple of these challenges include:

  1. Data Integration and Interoperability: IoT devices generate data in different formats and protocols, making it difficult to integrate and standardize the data across multiple platforms and systems. Without the right schema manipulations collected data becomes seemingly useless yet many processes today that overcome this issue are time-consuming and costly.  This lack of interoperability hampers efficient data analysis and reduces the potential for valuable insights.
  2. Data Volume and Velocity: With billions of connected devices transmitting data in real-time, traditional data management systems struggle to handle the sheer volume and speed at which IoT data is generated. Picture millions of devices, sending data at second, minute, and hourly intervals from across the world, the amount of data that requires ingestion is astronomical, and only increasing. This is a tale as old as IoT itself but without a solution that can scale and continue to scale – the result is latency issues, data loss, and hindered decision-making processes.

Billing Explosion in IoT Data Management

The traditional approach to managing IoT data results in costs for data storage, processing, and analysis leading to a billing explosion. The specific factors contributing to this billing explosion are:

  1. Infrastructure Requirements: Traditional solutions require significant investments in infrastructure to handle the massive amounts of IoT data. This includes hardware, network infrastructure, and storage facilities, resulting in high upfront and ongoing costs.
  2. Data Processing Endeavors: Extracting meaningful insights from IoT data requires advanced data processing tools. Businesses across industries admitted that 95% of costs associated with their traditional systems were focused on data processing and the remaining 5% was attributed to data storage and licensing fees. Both high processing costs and storage expenses grow in tandem with the data amounts leading to quickly escalating expenses, making it financially challenging for businesses to maintain their traditional data systems. 

Datorios the Solution for Streamlined IoT Data Management

Datorios offers a comprehensive solution to overcome the technical barriers and billing explosion associated with IoT data management. Businesses can now reap the following benefits using the zero-iteration development solution developed to handle IoT data requirements: 

  1. Serveless-like infrastructure: Leveraging cloud computing technology, Datorios allows businesses to dynamically scale their infrastructure as the number of IoT devices and data volume increases. With a platform built for high-scale computing and optimized for event-based processing, it is possible to massively reduce the heavy, expensive computing phases and employ low-cost computing where mass data sets are prominent. Data handling that eliminates the need for large upfront investments and enables businesses to adjust resources according to their requirements guarantees a solution that works now and as businesses grow.
  2. Data Integration and Standardization: Datorios reduces costs by simplifying data integration and ensures interoperability by providing seamless connectivity with diverse IoT devices and systems. It enables businesses to aggregate, transform, and standardize data from multiple sources, facilitating streamlined analytics and decision-making processes.
  3. Debugging Capabilities: When system malfunctions occur, businesses often face the daunting task of sifting through extensive data logs to pinpoint the root cause of the problem and this issue is exacerbated by IoT data volumes. This not only consumes valuable time and resources but also results in costly downtime. Datorios minimizes downtime through efficient debugging capabilities meaning companies can significantly reduce the financial impact and mitigate the associated costs. 
  4. Cost-Effective Pricing Model: The aforementioned issues are the reasons for skyrocketing data costs which is why Datorios offers a cost-effective pricing model that aligns with business needs and growth. By eliminating the billing explosion associated with traditional solutions, Datorios enables businesses to manage their IoT data with manageable expenses while leveraging faster and scalable development capabilities.


Effectively managing the increasing volume of IoT data is crucial for businesses operating in the IoT era. Traditional solutions often face technical barriers and result in a billing explosion, making IoT data management challenging and financially burdensome. However, platforms like Datorios provide businesses with the necessary tools and infrastructure to overcome these challenges. By simplifying data management, ensuring scalability, and offering a cost-effective pricing model, Datorios empowers businesses to manage the influx of IoT data efficiently and effectively, leading to improved decision-making and unlocking the full potential of IoT technologies.

It’s time to only pay for pipelines that give your business value, no matter the amount of data you consume. Check out the Datorios Pricing Page for more details.

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