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Ease of Use: The SaaS Data Platform Edition

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“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s probably not that good.”

Data platforms and their technologies have never been more advanced. They allow for seemingly endless automated processes like manipulations in real-time for the data you need in an instant, no matter the number of instances you are working with. But the time for endless explanations needs to come to an end. We don’t want to hear about how advanced a platform is, we want to be the judge of that and get things done on our own. 

Independent: The New Data Platform Consumer 

Consumers want to determine whether or not a so-called advanced data platform is indeed advanced. We want adaptability to be determined by us, the end users, not the team behind its creation. We want to judge whether the highly technical aspects are easily understood by the non-technical or if the no-code environment is indeed no code… 

The consumer is the judge, the jury, and the executioner – no court is required, and no promises need to be made. We as consumers want to get our hands dirty and try things out for ourselves. We want to step into the sandbox, get sand in our shoes, code in our laps, and ultimately let whoever created it know, as we do things ourselves, whether we like it or not.  Today’s data landscape is about getting things done on our own, meaning we end users get to sit in the driver’s seat and determine for ourselves if we think an interface is user-friendly for us. 

The Advanced ETL Solutions Available Today   

Data used to be a resource only a handful of people in the company could work with. Today end users can be employees from every facet of the company, and these users expect not only advanced capabilities but a smooth UX as well. Companies have been listening and now many data solutions push the idea that their platforms and user interfaces are actually easy to use and that anyone can get things done on their own. Marketing departments are focusing on this key phrase as it is what everyone wants to hear, ‘it’s easy to use’.

No code interfaces, easy buttons, complete data flow in clicks – it is a great ideology as this industry used to be for engineers, and only engineers but what does ‘easy to use’ mean? Without a benchmark, where is the value in that? 

Every company has its own team, teams of different sizes, whether a one-man (or woman) show or hundreds of groups working together from data analysts to data engineers, data architects to CDOs, CIOs, and the like, so, is ease-of-use the best way to describe this idea? Maybe it’s the end goal and the purpose of the data infrastructure itself. But the question remains, easy for who?

For those of us at Datorios we ask ourselves, can you (whoever you may be), get things done on your own? 

ETL Customization, where the world is heading. 

Faster data delivery, more accurate insights, instantly generated reports, pre-made source connectors, automated loading no matter the number of destinations – yes, these are all required features but what makes them easy? That boils down to customization, not only for the platform and its capabilities but for every user in the company – its data citizens.

So when we say Datorios’ SaaS Data Platform is made for everyone, we aren’t just saying it because it sounds good – we mean it.

We mean the flexibility of code.  The ability to create anything and everything you want, all while ensuring your expected result, what you wished for, is the platform’s command.   

An interface that allows for adaptability, scalability, versatility, and all in your preferred coding language – if you even want to code that is. Because when you pair this with the ease of use of no code, the result is a highly customizable solution made for any and every user. 

The Datorios SaaS Platform adapts to your requirements. No more needing to sacrifice stacks or shape existing infrastructures to work with newly acquired software. And we could go on and on about the features and benefits offered, but, – why don’t you see for yourself?

Check out the data platform created for your needs.

See how easy it is to build complex pipelines. Step into the driver’s seat. Get your hands dirty.

Sign up for a free Datorios account. Try it today.
And..  let us know what you think.  

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