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8 Data Management Headaches (And Their Solutions)

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The emergence of both batch and streaming data has ushered in unparalleled opportunities, and with it, its own set of challenges. The global enterprise data management market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% from 2023 to 2030, according to and the need for businesses to tackle data management headaches has become a race against the clock. With exponentially growing data amounts, data engineers are encountering increasing data handling complexities. The demand for innovative solutions in the pursuit of harnessing the full potential of data has never been greater, so let’s delve into the critical challenges of data handling and the new more efficient means of resolving them.

Data Ordering

Data requires statekeeping based on timestamps, watermarks, or other mechanisms, a complex endeavor that ensures the data is correctly ordered and processed. In batch processing, data arrives and is processed in a predetermined order, however, in streaming processes data might arrive out of order due to network delays or other factors. Utilizing robust mechanisms for data ordering, in tandem with DIS (Datorios Internal State), Datorios ensures precise sequencing of local and global states for both data types. Whether it’s batch data arriving in a predetermined order or streaming data prone to network delays, Datorios orchestrates the flow for guaranteed accuracy.

State Management

Maintaining the state of data throughout data aggregations, joins, and other advanced operations is a vital but difficult endeavor in both batch and streaming contexts. Equipping you with the tools required to navigate these complex state requirements, Datorios addresses issues like state consistency, reliability, and recovery after failures with its DIS (Datorios Internal State ). By streamlining state management, Datorios provides efficient and fault-tolerant options for maintaining the state over time regardless of the data source. 

Scale and Scalability 

Batch processing requires managing data within certain intervals while streaming demands the ability to handle unpredictable spikes in data loads. To ensure complete flexibility, Datorios offers the ability for the intuitive auto or manual scaling of pipelines. Whether accommodating static loads or embracing the dynamic nature of streaming, Datorios scales seamlessly to match your data’s unique demands.

Fault Tolerance

Failures can jeopardize data integrity resulting in data loss or incorrect processing. In batch processing, if a process fails, it can often be rerun from the beginning of the batch (after overcoming dependency issues). With streaming systems, failures can result in detrimental effects on data handling solutions as a whole. Datorios’ hallmark “Exactly Once” semantics extends to both batch and streaming systems by ensuring that data is processed accurately even in the face of adversity. With Datorios, you can build a robust foundation for fault-tolerant mechanisms, regardless of the data processing approach.

Complex Event Processing

Complex event processing, a hallmark of both batch and streaming workflows, requires finesse and precision. Designing and implementing accurate and efficient processing logic requires a deep understanding of the underlying data and business requirements. To simplify intricate tasks like windowing, aggregations, and pattern recognition, Datorios empowers data engineers with DPUs (Data Processing Units) and a variety of transformative transformers enabling complex event processing regardless of your data processing mode.

Monitoring and Debugging 

Monitoring and debugging are imperative whether you are dealing with batch processing or streaming data. These dynamic environments require specialized tools and practices for accurately diagnosing issues such as real-time observability of data flows and bottleneck identification. Datorios’ suite of tools, including internal metrics, graphs, Grafana instances, and specialized debugging aids, provide real-time visibility into both processing paradigms. Now, you can efficiently identify issues and optimize performance regardless of the data type.

Schema Evolution

Managing schema changes while ensuring compatibility with downstream processes all the while maintaining data quality, is a complex endeavor. With batch data, schema evolution can only occur when the data is being processed. As streaming data sources tend to evolve more frequently than batch sources, schema evolution can happen at any stage of a streaming data pipeline. Regardless of the data source, Datorios seamlessly accommodates schema changes without disrupting downstream processes by assuring compatibility and utilizing proactive notifications to simplify schema evolution. 

Skillset Gaps and Learning Curves

Viewing big data with event granularity requires an entirely new perception of data handling. This complicates the transition from batch processing to streaming and often requires data engineers to learn new tools, technologies, and paradigms. It can be challenging to acquire the necessary skills and adapt to the real-time nature of streaming processing, a feat that can be solved with Live Data View. An intuitive interface that grants data engineers the power to adapt swiftly, Datorios’ Live Data View expedites issue resolution by offering an immediate understanding of all batch and streaming processes no matter their complexity.   

Experience the Fusion with Datorios’ Live Environment

Enhancing traditional batch processes and the capabilities of streaming data messaging queues, Datorios’  developer-centric data processing hub has broken traditional boundaries. Harmoniously combining the worlds of batch and streaming data processing, Datorios’  Live Environment demonstrates the mechanisms developed to overcome the numerous hurdles these data processes bring to the table. Data engineers can now deliver real-time insights and foster faster data-based decision-making by tackling challenges and seizing opportunities with unparalleled ease. Dive into the future of data processing with Datorios, and experience the transformative journey that caters to both batch and streaming paradigms.

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