A Full Data Transformation Toolbox With One API Call

Overcome transformation challenges in minutes with modular building blocks that snap into any pipeline

Apply data transformation logic in a snap.
in a click.

We have re-engineered data transformation capturing the most advanced capabilities with the simplest execution. Changing Data is Now Possible for Anyone.

Take the shorter path

Blend, enrich, customize, and manipulate data with built-in visual app configurations.


Power up infrastructures using instant advanced transformations without sacrificing your current stack.

Made for any skillset

Choose or combine 250+ transformation modules, from basic filtering, enrichment, or mapping functions to stateful manipulations.

Simple Date Format Conversions

Create uniformity with easy date format changes. Just select one current and one desired format. It’s that simple.

Apply Advanced Configurations with Ease

Construct the right schema for multiple uses by aggregating statistics for a wanted key. Filter the irrelevant events, and easily adjust your logic to get needed results.

Straightforward Duplicate Deletion

Define a duplicate by setting your terms: pick a key to track, specify a time frame to consider, and check your output. That’s all there is to it.

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Enjoy Data Again

We are building a smoother, more enjoyable experience, with a solution developed purely around data teams.

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